Plain Jane Photography
South Australian Pets & People Photographer



A sunny Australian afternoon: your six-year-old jumping in puddles, your dog leaping for a frisbee, your best friend making you laugh - these all seem plain in the moment, but these are the seconds and smiles that make up your life; these are the times you'll want to remember. Photographs freeze these moments as carefully crafted artwork especially for you. They will remind you of the happiness and love during your life in scenes you will be able to share with present and future family.

Do more than just enjoy the plain, everyday moments. Cherish them forever.


I offer a fun, personalized experience that means not only images to make you smile, but an afternoon sure to as well! And since I specialize in pet photography - don’t be shy about asking to add your pooch, horse or hamster to your outdoor session. Let's create perfect mementos designed specifically for your wall, album or bedside table.


Based on the

beautiful Copper Coast