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Frequently Asked Questions

I can get prints cheaper. why should i print with you?

When you print through me, you're getting exactly what you paid for. Stores are cheap because they're printing your memories on thin photo paper that doesn't cost them much to output. My prices mean your memories are safe for the next 100 years, since I provide Museum Quality Archival Paper. With me, you can choose different types of that paper, such as glossy, lustre or matte, which all give each photograph a different feel. Plus, if you want a really big or really small print I can arrange that for you without any fuss!

Why are your premium albums over $100 dollars?

Just like with prints, the albums I offer are truly special. All images are printed on Museum Quality Archival Paper and each album is hand-bound just for you! There are an incredible array of covers you can choose, from linens to faux leather. If the prices are too much for you, ask for some pages to be added to the lower cost range. Although don't forget I offer payment plans, so don't talk yourself out of getting something special because you can't afford it right now.

Why shouldn't i choose a different photographer because they don't charge as much?

Well, that's your choice. I understand not everyone can afford the luxury of professional photography, so I do my best to offer specials quite often. It's important to understand, though, that what you're getting when you choose a session with me is not just the time spent taking the photographs, but also the time I spend selecting the best from perhaps 100-200 images, and retouching each of them. You're paying me for my experience and for the money I've spent personally on learning the best techniques. My products are sold at the best prices I can manage, and I also offer payment plans. It really comes down to whether you're happy with a different photographer, or whether you've fallen in love with my specific style.