Plain Jane Photography
South Australian Pets & People Photographer




As a lover of animals since childhood, I leap at any chance to photograph dogs, cats, horses and anything in between! Fast moving dogs and finicky cats can be a challenge for your phone camera, but for mine - all it takes is experience and a single click. Even if your dog can't be off-leash or your chicken refuses to pay attention, I can promise you images that will warm your heart over the years to come. For family photos including your pet, please refer to the Natural Light price list.

add a person or a pet for $50

If none of the following packages suit your needs, please contact me and I'll see what I can do to ensure your session is everything you want it to be.


the mini - $75

  • a 45 minute outdoor or in-home session

  • portraits of your pet

  • at least one photo of you and your pet

  • perfect for a small album or series of prints

  • 15 final images available for download


the premium - $99

  • an hour and a half outdoor or in-home session

  • portraits of your pet as well as you and your pet together

  • perfect for an album and framed wall art

  • 37 final images to download


Dog exclusive: the Prestige - $170

  • an hour photoshoot in the studio for your canine companion

  • fine art portraits of your pet seated and standing against a neutral background

  • designed to provide three signature images perfect for large prints

  • a minimum of 10 final images to download