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Why Hire a Pro


hire a professional


get the whole family in the picture!

Sure you can take pictures with your phone, but try fitting 8 people in a selfie! A professional photographer means not only are you included in the images with flattering posing - the entire family can take part. A formal photo session also means your family members feel dedicated to sticking around and your kids are far more likely to pay attention. 


reduce your stress!

Wrangling kids and pets can be a headache! Pros know clever tips and tricks to quell tears, encourage laughs and grab attention. Kids especially respond well to having their moment and will often cooperate just because the atmosphere is different than in your backyard. Pro experience means great photos out of less than ideal situations, so you'll always get the images you want.


Look and feel your best!

Professional photographers either work with a stylist or have style knowledge. For family sessions this means a subtle sense of matching, for portrait sessions this means outfits that compliment your body type. Pros might suggest something you'd never have picked out for yourself that give you new confidence in your appearance. When you have confidence, this shows in your images!


quality heirlooms!

Photographic paper you buy from a store will never last as long as what the pros prefer. Archival quality photo paper means your images are guaranteed to last a minimum of one hundred years, even as prints outside the protection of an album cover. When you decide to have your photos taken by a professional, you're making a choice your grandkids and their kids will be grateful for. 


expert with equipment!

The camera in your phone is definitely impressive, but there are limitations to what it can achieve. Fast movement and beautiful backgrounds are the specialty of more expensive equipment that's sole purpose is photographs; not to mention professionals have spent a good deal of money creating their kit and they're constantly updating their knowledge of how to use it.


recieve works of art!

Professional photographers are artists. If ten photographers capture the same subject, you're sure to get ten different photographs. Hiring a professional photographer is choosing a particular style that you already know you like, and knowing those images will last. Paying for professional photographer is investing in artwork tailored specifically to you and your family.